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  • 03/25/2020: Start Pandemic License Period: Today is the last day we are to be open as a regular licensed child care center. Tomorrow will start the Temporary Pandemic Licensing period. With this change we will be marking the children that will not be part of this period as "inactive". You will still be able to send us messages via brightwheel and can still follow us via social media and website. If there are major notifications that we will need to let everyone know, we will utlize our mass email capabilities. Please make sure you're signed up to receive our website's newsletters. As a Parent Reminder from ODJFS: Any parent that can find a safe and healthy alternative child care option during the pandemic that will keep their child(ren) out of a group setting and not with an elderly provider should do so as soon as possible. However, we recognize that this is not an option for all families and are working to ensure all children have safe option while parents provide health, safety and other essential services. We understand that you may need child care later on if this continues and we are to stay open, if you need so, just let us know. For those parents that will stay with us please know we will be doing the following: 1. No longer will "state" tablet be used, each center is to keep their own attendance. Please make sure you sign in/out your children using the brightwheel app/tablet to make sure the state sees your entries vs our entries to avoid fraud suspicions.  2. We will continue to take children's temperatures at arrival and wash hands.  3. Parent interaction at drop off and pick up time should be limited, per ODJFS. Sorry we love you all but need to keep it short and distant these days! 4. If you or your child, or an immediate member of the family tests positive for COVID-19 please let us immediately. 5. We will continue to adhere to licensing standards. Please go to our website for all the links. We will get through this and we wish you all a happy time with your children at home, this is not a goodbye, but a see you later! For those still coming, we will do our best to keep everyone safe!

  • 03/22/2020. Temporary Pandemic LicenseWe pray all of you are doing well! We certainly miss all of you that are staying home, but at the same time we appreciate your stand to do so. Governor DeWine spoke today and gave specific information about child care centers. We have been proactive in applying for the Temporary Pandemic License and as of this morning our center has been approved. This new ruling will go in effect on Thursday, 3/26/2020. As of that day we will continue to be open ONLY to parents that work in the Health, Safety and Essential services industries as listed in the's website. The website is overloaded with many people looking into it now, so please be patient. The link is in our website and will also be posted in our social media platforms. We will continue to take the same precautions as we have listed on previous notifications. Parents of children that plan to be with us during the allowed time under new licensing, need to submit new ENROLLMENT PAPERWORK. I have reached out to some of you already but not all, I'm sure there will be more of you that need these services. Please come to us for the paperwork as we will need to submit to ODJFS. There are many resources for families with their children staying home as well as many businesses that are hiring. If you see your family in a bind please take advantage of those businesses hiring for they will be considered "essential services".  We have updated our website with some of these resources, please visit if you need so: Again, thank you for your support and the prayers for our staff. We will continue to stay as healthy as we can in order to serve you well.

  • 03/15/2020. New Precaution Procedures: Due to the circumstances we are facing, child care center administrators have received recommendations from the Department of Health as well as the office of Advocacy from the Ohio Association of Child Care Providers. In addition to the precautions we have been taking, we will implement the following in our center in order to continue keep everyone safe and healthy during the upcoming weeks: 1. As families enter the building we will have hand sanitizer on the check in table, parents you are welcome to use it or please wash hands in the restrooms. Children will need to continue to wash their hands before entering the classroom. 2. Implement Health Checks as children come in, this will include taking children's temperature. Parents please don't leave until your child has been checked. 3. In order to honor Social Distance, we will keep the school age children from the toddler/preschool separated as much as we can. Also, increase small group activities and teach the children about personal space. Cots will also be spaced out better. 4. Eliminate items from the preschool room that are difficult to clean, as well as any sensory items. 5. Suspend extra visitors to the center to minimize the amount of people entering the building. That includes our regular visitors like: librarians, On the Go programming, Mindful Movement, etc. 6. Create a visitor's sign in sheet for those non-regular parents that come in to the building. The state wants us to do this in case there is a chance that we would need to track where people have been and how many other they've been in contact with. 7. Track sickness of staff and children/families. 8. Tours of the center will be short and prospective parents will not be allowed to enter the classroom. As a reminder, School Age parents, don't forget to send your children with lunch as we don't have the capabilities to provide it. Thank you and please be safe.

  • 03/12/2020. Schools Closing: We got confirmation and it has been determined that we will continue to stay open and serve your children for as long as we are able. No official communication has come from the state regarding child care centers. We are making appropriate plans to have the school aged children with us for the next 3 weeks; please let us know who will need care and timeframes in order for us to have enough staff onsite and stay compliant with state ratios. More information to come as far as how we can serve the children with online school work if applicable. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE: if you are sick or your child, please stay home, we need to protect us all. Staying home is the best course of action. We will continue our rigorous cleaning schedule and hand washing as we have been doing. Also remember our sick policy, children need to be free of symptoms for 24 hours before they can return to the center. Let’s be honest and honor the policy. Finally, it has been recommended by ODJFS that parents do make back-up plans in case we must close. We didn’t see the schools closings this soon, and yet here we are. I know this is hard for some of you, but let’s pray we don’t get to that point. We appreciate you all for choosing us to serve your families. We will continue to stay in contact with you and do our best to support you and keep everyone healthy.

  • 03/10/2020. Cuyahoga County Confirmed CaseEver since Coronavirus was confirmed in Cuyahoga County, we all need to take extra precautions in order to stay healthy and safe. We will continue to communicate via Brightwheel as well as verbal communication and text messages if needed be. These are the prevention steps we are taking and plan of actions for our center: 1. Sick Children: we continue to encourage families to keep their sick children at home and thank those that have been already doing this. We have experience lotto to none sickness inside of our childcare center for the season. If a child becomes sick under our care we politely ask that they go home as soon as possible. 2. Hand washing: we will start asking all children to wash their hands upon arrival to the center and we will continue to wash them before and after activities as we usually do. 3. Environmental Cleaning: we are very diligent about cleaning our surroundings and equipment and will continue to do so. 4. Center Closing: in the event of any of our children or any of the Northern Ohio Adventist Academy children getting infected with the virus, we are to close the entire building for two weeks and make sure the building gets disinfected properly before we can re-open. We hope we don't get to that point for it posses many inconveniences, but we will most definitively keep you posted with more information as it comes available. If you have any concerns please give us a call us at the center or come talk to us personally.

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