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Kindergarten Boot Camp:

8 Tips to Help Your Child Prepare for Kindergarten

Summer is upon us, and I am sure many of you are wondering if your preschooler is truly ready for Kindergarten. You are probably wondering what you could do as a parent to help prepare your preschool for Kindergarten over the summer. No worries! This quick and simple list of tips will help you and your child gear up for Kindergarten.

1. Read Lots of Books! Many experts suggest that reading at least 10 books a day can significantly increase and strengthen a child’s literacy development. Make weekly trips to the library, and help your preschooler picks out a weekly selection of books. Read them at home, at the park, by the pool, before and after meals, etc. Help make reading a part of your child’s daily routine.

2. Get Crafty! Allow Pinterest to become your new best friend and personal assistant. You can find so many great craft ideas that you and your child can do over the summer. Find craft projects that encourage fine motor develop as well. Fine motor craft activities would involve using scissors, threading, etc.

3. Send a Postcard! Send a postcard? Yes! Having your soon to be Kindergartener pick out postcards to write short messages to family members that live all over will help strengthen their writing skills. Tracing letters can be quite a bore, but having your child pick out cool postcards to send to friends and family will help them get into the spirit of writing.

4. Family Game Nights! How is a board game gonna help my kid prepare for Kindergarten? Playing simple board games can help teach children how to take turns, patience, and how to win or lose gracefully. Honestly, these are skills that will last a lifetime.

5. Get a Job! It’s time to give your future Kindergartener daily tasks, and a specific job within the home. By doing so, this will teach your child the concept of responsibility, accountability, and respect. Throw in some 2-3 step instructions of what you want them to do, and you’ve just added strong listening skills as well.

6. Social Butterfly! Having your child constantly interacting with other children will help them strengthen their ability to work with others, communicate, share, etc. Finding a great summer camp program will expose your child to many other children.

7. Counting the Days! There are so many opportunities throughout the day were math concepts can be incorporated. Going over the date everyday is the simplest suggestion. Before grocery shopping, work together to develop a shopping list, and count out the items you will need. Go on a neighborhood walk and read the numbers for each house address. Find shapes everywhere you go! Add and subtract during play. Honestly the list is endless!

8. EXPLORE! This last one deserves all caps, because it’s the most important one. Allow your child to explore and ask questions about their findings. From there, work together and research the answers. Best way to kick this last tip off is to go on a nature walk and ask open-ended questions.

Don’t sweat it! Chances are your child is ready for Kindergarten but incorporating these tips throughout the summer will certainly help your child become even more successful.

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